Production Logistics

STROTHMANN ProductionLogistics provides intralogistics solutions to customers from various branches of industry. The implementation of flow assembly lines is the mainstay of the ProductionLogistics team.

Renowned manufacturers employ RoundTrack technology in their factories. Economical and technological advantages have made this STROTHMANN development a successful alternative to conventional means of conveyance, particularly in heavy load applications.

RoundTrack technology enables flow and pulse assembly of machines
and industrial goods. New, efficient transportation solutions help improve productivity.
Due to minimal rolling resistance, loads of several tons, such as gearboxes
as well as entire machines and machining centers with often large dimensions,
are moved with ease. At the same time, the technology ensures safety and high precision.

STROTHMANN RoundTrack technology is part of a comprehensive intra-logistics concept. It has many advantages over other transportation systems. The special wheel profile reliably guides the wheels while ensuring minimal rolling resistance. Even loads of several tons can be moved by hand. Round bars with 25, 40, and 60 mm diameters accommodate different loads.
The RoundTrack 60 system has a payload of 15 tons per wheel, a trolley with four double-wheel sets can therefore move loads of up to 120 tons.