Automation Hotforming

The demand for car body parts with a good durability/weight ratio
is drastically increasing.

This statement from the early days of hot forming still holds true today.

STROTHMANN develops innovative automation solutions for this temperature and time-critical technology. The high dynamics of STROTHMANN automations is a decisive factor for production efficiency. There is an increasing trend to automatize unloading. The parts undergo a surface inspection and are placed in parts-specific containers by robots. Smooth unloading in line with the overall parts flow requires intact, true-to-size containers.
To ensure this, the containers need to be inspected before use.

Advantages of STROTHMANN automation:

Highly dynamic system configuration

  • High productivity
  • Shorter cycle times compared to robots
Robust constructionn
  • Low wear, long system life
  • Reduction of downtimes and maintenance
  • Weight compensation
  • Standard parts from renowned manufacturers
  • Very good accessibility
  • Safety barriers
  • Central lubrication aggregates